In recent years, Transjoik has inspired a number of colleagues in the music business worldwide. One result of this is the “Remix Project,” in which performers and producers such as Transglobal Underground, Aki Nawaz/FunDaMental, and DJ Mutamassik (Egypt/New York) have made remixes of the group’s music.Transjoik has now integrated these remixes into its concerts – where its audiences can often be found at the foot of the stage, dancing ecstatically.

In the autumn of 2003, Transjoik’s victory in the European final of the Liet International sparked media attention and audience interest across the continent. Held in the Netherlands, the competition featured representatives of 12 European minority cultures. The song that Transjoik won with, “Mijjajaa,” is among the tracks on the group’s new CD "Uja Nami", which was released in the autumn of 2004. Transjoik has released 4 critically acclaimed CDs, has toured in Scandinavia, Europe, the United States, and Canada, and has established itself as one of the most exciting ventures at the international crossroads where authentic folk music meets fresh, new urban sounds.



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